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Carbon media is a broad term utilized in the water filtration / water treatment industry, and can actually refer to a variety of different carbon types. Carbon media is a general term encompassing granular activated carbon media, acid washed carbon media, activated carbon media, bituminous carbon media, catalytic carbon media, catalytic granular carbon media and other types of carbon media. Carbon media is typically derived from crushed coconut shells and other organic compounds that possess superior filtration attributes. Viridian Water Systems has been supplying carbon media, activated carbon media and carbon filters of all kinds since 1989 to commercial / industrial customers as well as dealers / distributors. Although most of Viridian Water Systems’ projects are in Southern Ontario cities such as Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Orangeville, London, Windsor, Port Colbourne, Oshawa & surrounding, we can supply carbon media to customers anywhere in North America!

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